KarissaAtWordCampIn 2015 I put up a simple page on my website Kissa’s Kreations offering to be a webinar assistant. Without much effort I started getting calls after people found the page from Googling. One day I randomly looked up to see if WebinarAssistant.com was available, and it was! Couldn’t believe my luck so here we are now.

A little about me…

I guide the technical magic behind the scenes so conscious entrepreneurs stay focused on their brilliance! I do this through WordPress websites, branding and strategic systems.
I started my business Kissa’s Kreations, when I was 21 in 2005 and now after 11 years, I STILL wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!

My strength is to be able to see the full picture AND each of the tiny pieces that make up the puzzle of your online business. I have a holistic approach utilizing a “right-and-left” brain balance and using emerging technologies to fully leverage time and resources.

I LOVE technology and can set your mind at ease by coaching you through the steps you’ll need to build a strong, branded, online presence.

I’m based in Kansas City, Kansas USA (Central Time) and work with clients internationally, including Australia, Thailand, UK, Canada and United Arab Emirates.

I’m an organizer for the Kansas City WordPress Meetup Community and annual WordCamp conference.

I love taking ‘personality tests’ to understand myself and others better. Here are my results across the various systems:

My Office

My Office. (Click to see larger) As you can see I’m obsessed with “all-things-purple” and after meeting me, you won’t ever look at the color purple the same way.