The Bright Future of WebinarJam

Just got this email from WebinarJam saying that they are replacing Google Hangouts  with their own “JamSession Engine” tech!

Wow Super Exciting!!! I can’t wait! I’ll be testing it ASAP!

Here is the email and link to a written summary of what is in store:

Note: This is a personal message from WJ CEO, Andy Jenkins
I’ll start by saying a heartfelt Thank You.
By now you’re aware of the challenges that Google threw at WebinarJam members this week.
The graciousness, patience and kindness shown by our loyal clients is both humbling and heartwarming… and appreciated more than I can express in a simple email.

So, let me put my money where my mouth is.  It’s time to talk about something over 1 year in the making…
I have a very quick, and VERY exciting message for you about the future of your WebinarJam service.
It’s just 9 minutes long, and will make your day!
Keep Jammin’,
Andy Jenkins
CEO, Genesis Digital

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